Send in the coins.

It’s a fact:  Adding self service coin counting to each of your locations increases foot traffic. Statistics show that with proper advertising free Self Service Coin Counting can bring an average of 4 transactions an hour to your branch – with 2 of those transactions being someone who doesn’t currently bank with you.

You will see a growth of core deposits, relationship building, and cross selling opportunities – while differentiating your bank from your competition.

Arkeyo offers a full turn key program, let us take care of your coin, and you can take care of banking.

Arkeyo will:

  • provide the coin machines
  • pick up and process the coin bins
  • service the machines
  • return the rolled coin to you
  • expose users to your cross selling opportunities

We combine the newest proven hardware with our custom made software.

Arkeyo’s unique blend of visual computing and self-service transactions offer you the ability to increase your level of customer service and employee communications while reducing the cost of handling transactions.

Arkeyo: Count On Us